Innovative Software Development

Software Engineering: OOD, OMT, Booch, Objectory, OOSE, UML, Doxygen.

Platforms: UNIX (DEC, HP, SOLARIS, LINUX), VXWorks, DOS, Windows XP and 2000 Server, CE, VXWorks.

Development Environments: UNIX tools, Sybase, Java, GNU C++, Visual C++.Net, C#, Access/SQL Server, ODBC, Perl5, COM, MFC, Net Beans, Visual Source Safe, Clear Case, CVS, SVN, Oracle, MySQL, PHP4, XML, CGI, JSP, Dreamweaver, HTTP, InstallShield 9.

Programming: Real-time systems, Management systems, GUI building, Database and Management Information Base systems, Commutations Software (TCP/IP, GPRS, GSM, PPP and RS232), Embedded Software, GTK.

Networking: TCP/IP both NT and UNIX, GPRS, GSM, Q3/CMISE networking, 3GPP XML, Internet, and Intranet.