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Our company is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable service.

Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.
In the past IDK software has supplied software to clients such as:

    Nortel                               Performance management systems.
      Ericsson                            Fault and configuation management systems.
        Creative (3dlabs)             Product support software solutions.
          Shotoku UK                        Remote Broadcast applications.
            Infocell                              Bus Management systems.
              AutoTrak                            Tracking systems.

Shotoku Ltd

Shotoku has accumulated technologies for the remote control of small to large television cameras. Shotoku Ltd, the Shotoku has developed a series control systems suitable for today's diverse broadcasting applications.

IDK Software Ltd was employed to design and produce a Que Computer. This piece of equipment enables camera operators to move all available cameras under remote control to a predetermined Cue.

The operator selects a Cue using a Data Tablet, Touch screen or by Microphone input. All cameras will move to the On-Shot then, if enabled select the highest priority camera to be put On-Air using an attached Video switcher.

A number of custom variants where developed for the Swiss Parliament and House of Representatives.

Shotoku Ltd web site

3Dlabs Ltd / Creative Technology Ltd

3Dlabs Ltd is in the process of creating the next generation of Digital EntertainmentSystem chips (DES). IDK Softare developed a software debugger to debug microcode.

This was developed in C/C++ using VC++ for a Windows version then GCC to port to LINUX. The GUI used was cross platform GTK.

The chip had a super computer type architecture. That is, it had 32, 32bit CPU’s split between 4 clusters. The debugger used TCP/IP Sockets to commutate between the debugger and the chip. One passed commands from the debugger client to the chip and another to pass events from the chip to the debugger client.

The chip’s clusters supported multiple programs so as a result the debugger had to manage lists of programs that dynamically loaded and unload as well as simultaneously controlling the clusters. The debugger also featured a tree structure that enabled the large number of registers to be traversed within the chip.

3Dlabs web site

Nortel Networks

This part of Nortel provided Network performance management systems. The produce was based on a Client/Server model where the client used J2EE (Web Logic Application Server) and the server was C++/Oracle using OCI.

IDK Software was to assist in developing the server side Data Processing Engine (DPE). The DPE takes raw network data as input, processes it, and then writes it out to a database. This may be flat file (CSV) or a database such as Oracle. Oracle was later endorsed as the main output for the DPE.

However with 3G Wirelesses, along came 3GPP XML this was a XML text based performance protocol that a number 3G clients require. IDK Software wrote the XML Adapter to allow the DPE to create the XML format.

VC++ was used as the main C++ Development Environment, which was the ported to Solaris and HP-UX. Web Logic 6 Application server and Visual Café 4.1 (Java IDE) was used on the java client side.

Infocell Ltd

Infocell Telecoms Ltd provides Public Transport tracking systems. The System is largely based on LINUX both on the Server and the embedded On Board Unit (OBU) written in C/C++.

This OBU software contains all the functions that a bus-tracking unit needs, GPS, GPRS, Wireless LAN (used in the Bus garage) time-table management, stop location, Driver Terminal etc. This was ported to LINUX, VXWorks and Windows.

The LINUX server manages the OBU’s over GPRS and Wireless LAN. This management consists if collecting the information from the OBU’s and putting that data into an Infomix database for further processing. The information is then displayed to the operations group in order to manage the bus company, the bus stops along the route, and a Web based GUI allowing the general public to see the possible times of arrival for the buses.

IDK Software developed the server side communication's server which use both TCP and UDP over the GPRS network in C/C++. Develop a new variant of the OBU using PowerPC using VC++ then Tornado II. IDK Software also helped with moving the company direction into embedded LINUX from VXWorks.

Infocell web site

AutoTrac Plc

The company provided vehicle tracking using GPS and GSM. IDK was responsable for designing and developing both the PC Client and the embedded Tracker unit software. The PC Client enabled the user to track vehicles on a PC using a modem. It was developed using VC++, MFC and COM.

The tracking unit was an embedded 80186. The firmware was written in C using the Paradigm C++ development environment. The software along with base tracking functionality included history, fixed and roaming geo-zoning as well as interfacing with PIC microprocessors